overwatch boosting
01 Boosting Process
  • Is it possible to play on the account while an order has been placed?

    If you wish to play on your account while your order is in process, please kindly contact customer support or contact your assigned booster by using the chat feature in your member’s area!
    For security purposes we would prefer if you didn’t log into your account, but we can always pause your order and complete it at a later time after you’re done playing!

  • What kind of completion time can I expect when ordering?

    It will depend on the order that you have purchased, but we always look to complete every order as fast as possible! Since all our boosters are top ranked players, our win rates usually sit around 90%!

  • How does boosting as duo work exactly?

    If you choose to pick the duo boosting option for Duo and Squad games, our boosters will add you in game and queue up with you and play the games you have ordered with us! Please keep in mind that these are games, not wins, which means that the outcome of the match does not matter. We will still always try our best to win games, this is more as a safety net for our players as they are real people who have to manage their time as well!

  • Can I schedule my duo games?

    Absolutely! Once a booster has been assigned to your order, you can access our member’s area on our website where there is a chat feature you can use to chat with your booster. Here you can schedule your games in case you can’t play them right away or if you have any other reason!

02 Payment & Delivery Process
  • I've made a purchase, when will receive a confirmation?

    Once you’ve made your order, it usually takes us on average around 2 – 4 hours to confirm it and process it to one of our players. During weekends the waiting time can go up to 12, if it has passed that, we encourage you to contact our customer support which is available 24 hours per day!

  • How do you login?

    Once you’ve provided us with your login details through the Payment Process, we’ll log in as soon as a player has been assigned to you. If you’ve made any mistakes or we’re having a trouble signing in, we’ll contact you as soon as possible!

  • When will I know that my order is finished?

    Once we have finished your order, you’ll receive an email to the email that you’ve inserted on our website and sometimes our players also leave you a note when the order has been completed!

  • What kind of payment methods do you support?

    We are able to accept most of the payment methods but not directly through the payment process page. If you’re interested in our other available payment methods than Paypal, please contact our customer support.

  • I've changed my mind and want to cancel my order!

    We are able to provide you a full refund if we have not started your order yet or we can provide a partial refund according to the size of your purchase if you’re interested in cancelling the order while it’s in process.

03 About us
  • Who will be playing on my account?

    Our whole Fortnite player roster consists of professional top ranked players, handpicked after an extensive research into their gaming history. We hire only the best and most experienced professional players who are able to maintain our high standards

  • What's your history?

    We’ve offered elo boosting, coaching and team services in League of Legends since 2013 with unmatched results and feedback, since 2016 we have started with Overwatch boosting with exceptional feed back. Now we’ve been boosting and supporting Fortnite since it’s very beginning!

  • What makes you different?

    While almost every other boosting service overcharges their clients and players, we always keep the prices as competitive as possible to please both our customers and staff! We always guarantee 24/7 customer service in all forms and provide the best prices in the market!