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10 Weekly Challenges
Up to: 10% from Tier Boosting
50 EUR
Сompletion time: 2 - 5 days
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A lot of players are visual learners, and they wish to accompany their account’s progress while studying and analyzing what the best players do to ensure easy wins on Fortnite. For these players, we have the option to stream your order!
With this option, you get to accompany your account every step of the way and also experience the game from one of our Top Ranked Fortnite boosters point-of-view! You get to watch and learn everything, from basics such as best places to loot and how to engage in combat efficiently, to things like building and using terrain to your advantage!

While we do stream your games, keeping your account anonymous and your information private is still one of our top priorities. We will do our best to keep player names hidden and ensure that none of your personal information is transmitted live. Order now and experience, firsthand, quality Fortnite gameplay on your very own account!

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05 About Boosting Packs

Do you just not want to worry about your Battlepass Challenges, but still want to get all of those sweet rewards and a free Battlepass for next season? You can now order our Weekly Challenge Packs! With this option, our experienced boosters will complete all of the 7 Challenges per Battlepass week in a short amount of time, with no problems whatsoever!

Completing Weekly Challenges provide you with some incredible experience, battle stars, limited skins, emotes and lots of in-game currency such as V-Bucks! Completing all 10 weeks also grant you a free Battlepass for the next season, so you can continue gaining all of the juicy rewards without having to purchase an additional Battlepass!

You can also purchase multiple Weekly Challenge Packs for discounted rates, as well as pre-order Packs for future weekly unlocks! Order now and leave the headache of completing your Weekly Challenges to us. Just sit back and enjoy the rewards!

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We will always use our offline mode tool to keep your games as private as possible while you can still spectate the games! We have currently very low queue and your order will be started immediately!